Editing Services

Regardless of your level of expertise, on-site mentors help you develop your manuscript or screenplay to its full potential. Their editing services are intended for serious-minded writers committed to improving and completing their novel/screenplay for submission. " There are two books: the one you think you are writing, and the one you are writing. These two meet when the editing process is a good one."

If your goal is to create and write for others, you need to understand that once the initial creative act of writing is complete, you need to ask someone for help. You need an editor.
You've tried many different editors? Trust is essential. It may takes a while to find the right fit, because the relationship between a writer and an editor is as important as the relationship between a writer and his words. As a resident, you'll have a chance to meet them in person and to decide if there is a match, a bond.
"Editors must resist the desire to insert their own idea of how and where the story goes. They must resist the temptation to offer their own words as a solution when something is weak; instead, they should alert the writer to this weakness, so that if the writer agrees, she may solve the problem in her own words and way."               - Charlotte Zolotow, author and editor

Editing services are offered primarily to residents staying at a retreat. Please inquire directly to the on-site mentor/editor. You may also contact our virtual editor, Cindy Barrilleaux at Cindy@writeyourbest.com or visit her Web site at www.WriteYourBest.com

  • Manuscript/screenplay critiques and editing 
  • Final edit to bring manuscript/screenplay up to publication and production standards




What can you expect from our critique? We evaluate the concepts, and through examples, we show you how to revise your manuscript on your own.  

The critique deals with specifics: areas of weakness, inconsistencies, and character development problems. Accuracy, clarity, completeness, narration and point of view, voice, setting, overall structure and impact of the work on the reader are assessed. When necessary, alternate themes, organization, dialogue, sub-plots, descriptive passages, or tie-ins are suggested. It includes an opinion regarding marketability.

Editing Coach

The editing coach is there to encourage and support you throughout your project. You will get the guidance you need to reinforce the structure of your manuscript, to evaluate the overall plot (premise of the book), POV, etc., and finally to bring your manuscript or screenplay to life, into shape and ready for submission. 


Fees are based on your project and needs. Much depends upon the level of your work. We provide an estimate; once an estimate is given, we can negotiate the terms of a contract. This will involve discussion about the scope of the project, an estimated time frame for the project’s start date and completion. Everything is given to you upfront and changes are made per mutual agreement. 

Editing Guidelines

All manuscripts must be double-spaced (screenplay in proper format) and include SASE by regular mail with a CD-Rom (Word or screenplay format) with a footer on each page indicating the most recent version date. Unsolicited manuscripts or screenplays sent by e-mail will not be accepted.


Because we are not directly affiliated with any agent or publisher, we do not guarantee publication, but we provide an honest assessment of your manuscript that will increase your odds of being published. Some of our editors may prepare, by arrangement, book proposal consisting of a query letter and synopsis.  

Copyediting service

The Final Touch!

Even the best writers make mistakes. But readers don’t see them because professional writers always have their manuscripts copyedited prior to publication. By using our copyediting service, you can spend your time focusing on your writing with the confidence that we will put the finishing touches on your manuscript, giving it the professional finish you and your readers demandClick here to contact our copyeditor.