Private Mentoring

Why private mentoring?

We recognize that every writer, and each project, is unique: different stages of development, wild variation in subject matter, approach and raison d’Ítre. Some projects are closely held—writers choosing to keep their own counsel until the final unveiling—while others value collective input to mold and fashion their material.  Some writers prefer solitude, while others seek camaraderie.

You want individual attention exclusively focused on your particular manuscript or screenplay. You require intense stretches of writing and prefer, in large measure, to set your own “classroom” schedule.  If this describes you, private mentoring is probably your better option.

Private mentoring, by its very nature, does not lend itself to a pre-conceived “program.”  You and your project will define the areas to be addressed.  These areas are determined by:

  • your particular concerns;

  • a sample of your writing to be received 30 days prior to the session.  

To conserve valuable time, these matters are best identified prior to arrival.

You have a great concept but nothing actually written?  So be it. Then we start from scratch and flesh out your idea, explore dramatic options (yes, even for nonfiction) and give it form and substance and structure.

How does this work?

We’ll discuss your project by phone to determine your needs and goals and set a realistic timeframe within which they might be fulfilled.  Experience has shown that three consecutive days of intensive work in-residence is usually sufficient to bring satisfactory results. 

How do you set the wheels in motion?


Send an email requesting a session with an on-site mentor of your choice, and two alternative dates, your telephone number, the best time to reach you by phone and we'll call you back.


Suggested private mentoring schedule:  

Three consecutive and intensive days from 9 am to noon and 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. Please inquire about the rate.

Lodging: Regular rates apply, and vary depending on the location